Try it out: Pick a destination you always wanted to go to.
Select your perfect accommodation from travel brands you don't know.

How well can you grasp what a faraway hotel is like?

Romantic honeymoon suite or not?

Today, online research is how travellers choose. The NewMedia TrendWatch website of the European Travel Commision has various statistics on this, including a survey conducted by travel social network WAYN for the World Travel & Tourism Council where they asked how people plan, book and use technology with travel:

  • Mobile maps (56%/63%)
  • Online reviews on social networks (38%/64%) and blogs (32%/22%)
  • Virtual/3D tourism (30%/27%)

One in three people use Virtual/3D tourism to drive their decisions. By virtually putting them at your hotel, virtual 3D views help people develop a feel for a place, overcome uncertainty and make the right choice.

Help more travellers decide for your travel brand!

Traditionally, creating 3D content has been expensive and slow to produce. Because IndoorView uses 360º photography combined with state of the art laser scanning, we can create virtual 3D views of your facility cost effectively and fast.

Photographic 3D views of your hotel allow your future guests to virtually walk around your facility in their web browsers from their computers, laptops, tablets and mobile phones. Visitors can inspect sizes of individual rooms, beds and see the view. Interactive floor plans are integrated with our 3D views and give an orientation of hotel, restaurants and other facilities.

What they see is what they get


When visitors like what they see, let them book right there. By allowing us to integrate with your booking system, you can let visitors book a room right from its 3D indoor view. Rooms unavailable during the selected booking period can be excluded from browsing.

Or maybe they favor a particular table at your restaurant? Let them reserve that table right from the 3D indoor view.

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